Spring is here and it?s time to clean up winter?s remnants and get ready for the warmer days ahead.


First order of business is to spruce up the yard. Rake up leaves, dead grass and debris. Leaving debris on your lawn will inhibit the grass as it awakens from its winter dormancy. It?s also a good time to fertilize the grass and put down a crabgrass preventer. Seeds from crabgrass and weeds germinate in the spring and grow quickly.

Your flower and garden beds also need attention. Remove all debris and then turn the soil. Cultivating loosens crusty soil and allows air, water and fertilizer to easily penetrate and be absorbed by the plants? roots.

The House

It?s a good time of year to check the outside of your house for any possible damage from the harsh winter months. Look for peeling or chipped paint or damaged siding. Check your gutters for any debris. Clean the windows inside and out and get them ready to let the summer sun in.

On the inside, break out the dust cloths, mops and vacuum. Dust from the heating vents gets blown throughout the house and clings to everything. Dust your walls, window sills, ceiling fans, baseboards and kitchen cabinet tops. Using a slightly damp cloth or a microfiber cloth is best since it will trap dust and not spread it around like a dry cloth.

Vacuum rugs and upholstered furniture. Don?t forget to clean under furniture, too. Take down the drapes and dry clean or wash them, depending on the fabric care recommendation. Wipe blinds with a damp cloth.

Also, change your heating system?s filter ? it?s likely clogged with dust after its winter workout.

Another dust catcher is the window screens. Remove and brush them. Then, use a hose to thoroughly clean the screens.

The Car

Don?t neglect your car this spring. Salt from the roads clings to the underbody and left untouched, will cause rot. Thoroughly wash your car and spray the hose in the wheel wells and underneath the body. If you go to a carwash, get the undercarriage spray.

A little work this spring will get you ready for summer!